Logistics equipment

Electronically-controlled pallet feeders

Feeders are used to efficiently and quickly supply parts to an assembly line. Installation of a feeder results in great time savings when handling pallets, and it also brings enormous space savings in the manufacturing hall. From the point of view of logistics, the ability to handle pallets vertically one over the other on a roller conveyor makes this feeder an important tool for efficient use of production and storage areas. Thanks to the electronically-controlled pallet exchange process, it meets the strictest requirements for occupational safety.

Product detail


Transport trolleys

Transport trolleys composed of a chassis and variable side rails, whose wire mesh or polypropylene design enables the installation of an endless array of holders, clamps and shelves to meet specific customer requirements. The indisputable advantages of these trolleys are their strength, high loading capacity and light weight for easy manoeuvring, enhanced by the ability to align them into trains.


Containers and pallets
We supply all types of storage containers and pallets, manufactured precisely to meet our customers’ wishes and needs

Storage shelves and racks

A wide range of single-purpose or multipurpose shelves and racks, manufactured to specific customer requirements, including the provision of comprehensive documentation.


Special wire mesh containers

We supply these containers, used in the storage and transport of structural components (automotive, glass, electronic industry) in a wide range of dimensions to meet customer needs. Their main advantages are their quick assembly and disassembly, stacked storage in both assembled and disassembled state, as well as easy manoeuvring using forklift trucks and pallet trucks. For these containers, we offer our customers attractive forms of financing (leasing, instalment sale, hire).



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