All-stainless steel plate heat exchangers, type series Alfa Nova


AlfaNova is a plate heat exchanger made completely from stainless steel using a patented fusion material jointing process known as AlfaFusion.
The AlfaNova heat exchanger opens up new horizons in applications where the prominent factors are resistance to pressure fatigue, high temperatures, corrosion and/or public health regulations. Such applications in heating include primarily systems using coolants that are corrosive to copper, heating systems using corrosive water, and sanitary and water mains systems with strict requirements for water cleanness. AlfaNova offers a wide range of uses in light and heavy industry applications as well. 
In relation to its power output, the AlfaNova is very compact and highly resistant to great shocks in demanding heat transfer applications. Moreover, its high corrosion resistance helps it comply with the strictest public health requirements. 
These properties make AlfaNova heat exchangers perfect not only for heating and DHW production, but also cooling, industrial and sanitary applications.

No copper, no nickel, no gaskets

  • no risk of bimetallic corrosion
  • conforms to future legislation on copper content in water mains
  • can be used with such water quality that poses a risk of corrosion to other heat exchanger types
  • design without gaskets guarantees high strength, no leaks, lower maintenance costs and longer life


Functional principle


The heat-exchanging surface consists of thin profiled stainless steel plates assembled on top of each other and soldered together at the contact points. The corrugated profile between the plates forms channels and the corner inlets and outlets are arranged so that the two media move in a counterflow, each from one end of the plate. The heat is transferred between the media across the plate walls. The plate contact points are soldered together as well, allowing the heat exchangers to resist high pressures and pressure shocks.



AlfaFusion – the science of extraordinary resistance


The single-material process, developed and patented by Alfa Laval and known as AlfaFusion, is closer to welding than soldering. The same material – stainless steel – is used as the activator for joining the corrugated stainless steel plates. The process takes place in a furnace at a temperature in excess of 900°C. The fill as well as the plate surfaces melt through at the contact point of the two plates. That is the main difference from soldering.

The unique properties of heat exchangers joined in this way are due to the fact that stainless steel is the only material involved in the process. Just like copper, stainless steel offers good capillary activity.
Unlike copper, it is fully combinable with the plates, thus forming the weld zone. Since this zone is composed of stainless steel, it has properties similar to those of the plates in terms of corrosion, resistance, thermal conductivity and durability.
Due to the properties of the weld zone, AlfaFusion produces a homogenous plate heat exchanger with a higher level of resistance to corrosion and thermal and mechanical fatigue than other methods.


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