MAXI S sek

Pressure-dependent compact heat transfer plant


Our company has been on the hot water and heating market since 1923.
The Maxi S sek system applies our many years of experience as a guarantee of safe and reliable operation of a heat exchanger plant.



Sophisticated functionality


The Maxi S sek is a central heating and DHW heat transfer plant for low-pressure systems. It is designed especially for domestic hot water production when connected to secondary long-distance heating systems, or past a steam exchanger or gas boiler room.
The plant finds applications mainly in housing estate renovations, where existing four-pipe building distribution lines are replaced with decentralised building hot water production and mixing in the central heating circuit. In systems with high sudden DHW peak demands or with insufficient input power, it is advisable to combine the plant with a storage tank. Then, DHW can be produced without any adverse peak load on the primary central heat supply grid.

All the components are technically calculated and designed as a functional whole. The equipment is assembled in the manufacturing plant; only the inlet and outlet flanges are connected during on-site installation.


Advantages of Maxi S sek for users:

  • high level of economy with minimal heat losses thanks to good heat exchanger and storage tank insulation
  • wide range of thermal outputs
  • minimum risk of calcium deposit formation on the heat-exchanging surfaces of the exchanger thanks to the heating water temperature of max. 65°C at the inlet to the DHW exchanger and quick adjustment
  • well-arranged layout of components for easy plant control
  • maximum cooling of heating medium thanks to the high-performance plate heat exchanger
  • long service life thanks to stainless steel piping and bronze pumps on the DHW side
  • easy to locate and install in buildings thanks to its small dimensions


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