MAXi S sek DHW

Compact heat transfer plant for hot water production


The Maxi S DHW is a system for domestic hot water production by flow warming, which can be connected to secondary long-distance heating systems, or past a steam exchanger or gas boiler room. It finds applications, for example, in housing estate renovations, where existing four-pipe building distribution lines are replaced with decentralised hot water production.

Sophisticated functionality


Our company has been on the hot water production market since 1923. The Maxi S DHW system, which provides efficient and reliable domestic hot water production, applies our wealth of experience.

All the components are technically calculated and designed as a functional whole. The equipment is assembled in the manufacturing plant; only the inlet and outlet flanges are connected during on-site installation.


Advantages of Maxi S DHW for users:

  • allows connection to various heating systems
  • allows use of heating media with a minimum temperature of 65°C
  • constant hot water temperature even during sudden changes in demand thanks to quick adjustment
  • reduced risk of calcium deposit formation on heat-exchanging surfaces thanks to a heat exchanger with H-shaped plates and heating water temperature max. 65°C at the exchanger inlet, while using a mixing module
  • allows choice of soldered or assembled heat exchanger
  • allows choice of control valve type
  • minimum space requirements
  • easy installation





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